If you’re feeling annoyed because you have to go to a unit or factory which provides and made of polyester cotton. Cotton is the material which can be developed into something somewhat fragile and will look stiff upper with the passage of time, and you may have to inspect in detail all the seams with very carefully before you wear something that will you wear. If you want to make sure that merchandise cotton which is a durable material. This is a cotton material that is better, and You need to know to always make sure that the fabric it is made from 100% good quality Egypt and do not mix. Compared to cotton, this material is already assured of stable and will not cause any damage or easily exposed dirt quickly. Cotton blend shirt is not only resistant to shrinkage at any temperatures but in addition to remove water and thus can be quick to dry. Of course, it is much softer and more fibrous than those made from cotton and other types of fabric. Nylon thread, on the other hand, absorbs water but if there is no water coming easily to dry, or dry out on a very long time or later. It is a polyester fabric that has a surplus because of the better able to absorb sweat very well, or does it breathe. This is a material consisting of synthetic fibers are very cheap and cheapest from at shirt consisting of polyester exclusively. In particular, it helps to extend the life of the fabric because of the hold.